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good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm eun yang in for barbara harrison december 4th, 2012. it is back to school for hundreds of thousands of students in northern virginia, that includes the 11th largest school district in the country, fairfax county. a cut back of buses is upsetting some parents. hundreds of children there will now have to walk to school because the school system is cutting a dozen stops. news 4 tracee wilkins has more on the policy and the fallout from it. >> this was the scene all around arlington county this morning as an additional 1,500 students
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took the sidewalks and roadways. some are walking and some parents who say they don't like it. walking to school instead of riding a bus. >> this school has not had a walking zone before and we have a fairly difficult walk here. >> reporter: a few weeks ago arlington county school parents received notification that some students who road the bus in years past will be walking to school. students living within a mile and a half of their secondary school or a mile of their elementary school are supposed to walk. >> i'm a big believer in walking to school, but 0.8 miles for a 4-year-old is ridiculous. they can't walk that far and they can't walk that far if there is no planning beforehand. >> reporter: posting their feelings on a new facebook page.
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they also have an online petition. >> when you're talking about two weeks' notice where the pta can barely get things together to organize even a walking school bus, they didn't have an alternative plan. >> reporter: the primary focus is to ensure the safety of our students. this means we need to know who is on the bus and to ensure that our buses are not overcrowded, especially in the face of our growing enrollment needs. for years, some students who were expected to walk to school were going to bus stops instead. this year students who have been approved for bus travel will have bus passes. those without passes will be allowed on the bus, but parents will be contacted by school officials to find out why their child asked to board. >> i think i'm just challenged with compromising our children's safety to save money, frankly, because they don't know what else it could be. >> reporter: while some adjustments have been made by the school system, to chemdy
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complaints, it looks like most of the adjusting will have to come from parents and students. >> the best we can do is make sure we're doing everything for ourselves here to ensure safety, which is the bottom line. people are getting to school and are in a great environment. >> reporter: school officials say more than 200 parents have filed appeals against only a few have been granted the opportunity to have their kids ride buses. the appeal process is continuing. in arlington county, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. thousands of students return to the classroom in fairfax county where two new schools oepen for the first time. the school system is expanding to keep up with the community's growth. megan mcgrath is live in lorten now, megan, good morning. >> good morning. no doubt about it, the fairfax county school system is growing. a lot of kids coming in and not all that many leaving. in fact, they had 3,000 new students this year and they expect that trend to continue. they'll estimate they will get
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between 2,000 and 3,000 new students each year for the next several years. this year they opened two new schools to accommodate the influx of students. south county middle school where we are this morning and also opening graham road elementary in falls church. so, needless to say, for the students who are attending these new schools, today was an extra special day. >> do you know where you are going? >> reporter: it's one of life's big transitions the jump from elementary school to middle school. >> i'm super nervous. like really, really nervous but excited because i got all the elective i wanted and all my friends are in my class, which is good. >> a little nervous, but excited. but, just glad to be in this new school. >> reporter: not just a new academic experience, south middle county itself is brand-new. one of two new schools in fairfax county this year. >> the biggest way it will make a difference for the students is
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there are a lot of room for them. when we were in the secondary school we were sharing a lot of the facilities and here the students have room to grow and explore. they have their own gym, exhillary gym. >> they have a really nice gym and classrooms are nice, teachers are nice, everything. >> reporter: more than 180,000 students returned to class this morning, that's 3,000 more than last year. and that trend is expected to continue over the next several years. superintendent jack dales says the county will have to build even more schools and find other creative ways to make room for students. >> we're probably having to open anywhere from one to two a year, would be my guess. but we only have someone the two that were opened for expansions but some we can do with additions on schools. like i say, our big study this spring will be with fairfax high
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school because it is overcrowded and we'll have to move kids out of fairfax high school into neighboring high schools. >> this is also a significant year for superintendent jack dale. it is going to be his last with the fairfax county school system. he is going to be retiring at the end of june. reporting live, megan mcgrath, eun back to you. today marks the first day on the job for prince george's interim superintendent. dr. alvin crowley is 32-year-old veteran in education field. he comes from d.c. public schools. the former superintendent william height left to become the philadelphia school's chief. the district will continue to look for a permanent replacement superintendent. turning to the weather now after a rainy night, the skies are clearing a bit. storm 4 team veronica johnson joins us with the first forecast. a lot of sunshine today, veronica. >> all morning long, the sunshine has been struggling and finally we're getting some of the thinning of the cloud deck
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there. temperature right now at 81 degrees. the areas that are in the 80s, those areas will get up into a high of 85, 86 degrees and the areas in the 70s, upper 70s will get up to around 80. look at the cloud cover and look at how it has been thinning around prince william, st. mary's and starting to see the hole in the cloud cover means more showers and even the possibility of some thunderstorms for today. and now mcclain, great falls at 75 and 82 degrees and 81 currently in shaw. your showers just a few right now. those are up to the north and moving away from our area around haguerstown. that heavier pocket there around areas of hartford and cecil county moving away but more for us. the details on that coming up. >> see you soon, thank you, veronica. let's check the midday traffic now and danella sealock joins us with the latest. >> couple things to look out for in the district. traveling northbound on south
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capital street closed between martin luther king jr. and malcolm x avenue. due to the crash there involving an a overturned vehicle. let's head up this time southbound at arundel mills boulevard, a crash blocking just the left lane. nice and smooth, no issues to report and, in fact, as you make your way from 216 heading southbound from the beltway, traveling 64 miles per hour. pretty good. eun, back over to you. a traffic alert for drivers in bethesda. a new construction project is shutting down between miller avenue. it will stay closed for two years. construction of twoigh rises on what used to be one of the biggest parking lots in the area. also building an underground parking garage there. montgomery county will increase the circulator buses and convert 100 long-term parking spaces into hourly spaces. a major construction project called the new hampshire avenue
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streetscape project starts today. it will resurface the street between h street and dupont circle. the biggest change is that the one-way section of new hampshire between washington circle and m street will be turned into a two-way street. crews will also redo sidewalks, crosswalks, storm drains and put in new lighting. the project is expected to take 18 months. today a former vincent gray campaign aide who pled guilty to corruption was back in court. thomas gore admitting funneling money and then trying to cover up the payments. that minor candidate is believed to be brown who said he was paid to attack then mayor fente. one of three campaign aides to plead guilty to corruption charges. he could receive 12 to 18 months in prison. right now polls are open to thousands of northern virginia voters for a special election. it's for virginia's 45th district which includes fairfax county and arlington county. three men are running to replace
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david and glenn who stepped down from his house seat after disclosing that he had an extra marital affair. polls will stay open until 7:00 tonight. 11:09. 89 degrees out there. coming up, a first for the democratic national convention which begins today. plus, how the republicans are spending this week. what this child wanted to ask prince harry. stay with us
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right now, president obama is on his way to norfolk. the president will speak at norfolk state university this morning. his final stop on his road to charlotte tour. the president will speak at the dnc thursday night. the convention begins today, though. martin o'malley and first lady michelle obama will be two of the featured speakers tonight. tracie potts has a preview of the opening day of the dnc. >> reporter: last night president obama told hurricane
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victims -- >> nobody is a democrat or a republican and we're all just americans. >> reporter: but not in charlotte this week he'll accept the democratic nomination for president thursday. >> now, on thursday night i'm going to off aer you what i believe is a better path forward. >> reporter: tonight, we hear from michelle obama. she checked out the stage monday. >> she's going to talk about the president that she knows, the husband she married and, of course, the father to her children. >> reporter: maryland's governor and san antonio, texas, mayor also speak tonight. castro is the first latino to give a keynote address here. the same spot president obama had in 2004. >> the first lady, i'm sure, is going to deliver a positive message and. >> reporter: paul ryan told a pack aed north carolina crowd all those speeches will avoid the key question. >> here's the kind of words we're not going to hear. we're not going to hear evidence and facts about how people are better off. >> reporter: vice president
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biden says we are and here's why. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> reporter: biden arrives in charlotte today, meantime, mitt romney's relaxing with family in new england rehearsing for october's debate. >> also today, democrats will vote on the party's platform which include higher taxes for the wealthy. tracie potts, nbc news, charlotte. >> stay with news 4 throughout the dnc. live reports all week. >> if you are willing to work with me -- >> if you are willing to work even harder in this election. >> then i promise you, i promise you change will come. >> the republican national committee is launching this web ad to coincide with the state of the convention, the ad compares speeches president obama gave this year to speeches he made four years ago. republicans say it proves the president has broken his promise to improve our economy. meanwhile today on "today" show paul ryan defended the speech he
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made last week. he's accused of twisting the facts and criticizing the president's connection to a gm plant closure in wisconsin. >> what they're trying to suggest is that i said that barack obama was responsible for our plant shut down in janesville. that is not what we i was saying. read the speech. what i was saying is the president ought to be held to account for his broken promises. after our plant was shut down, he said he would lead an effort to retool plants like the janesville plant to get people back to work. it's still idle. people are still not working and lots of people i grew up with that lost their jobs there and still don't have those jobs there. >> ryan also said this is just another example that our country is worse off than it was. a controversial and hotly account of the raid that killed osama bin laden hit book store shelves today. "no easy day" is a first-hand account of navy s.e.a.l. who took part in that. it contradicts the original count of the raid by the pentagon.
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the pentagon is threatening legal action over information released in the book. "no easy day" is already number one on the "new york times" best seller list because of preorders. >> i am thinking i might have to read that. >> it's very fastinating. a lot of people are just so curious of what really went down. all right, it started off with some sprinkles and rain in the area and what's going on, veronica? >> now we're getting sunshine. if you remember yesterday was almost the same kind of deal, we had the rain early and then we got the sunshine and then some of us got some more rain. so, here's a story for today. not going to rain for the entire day and not everyone is going to see rain, but those that do, there's a pretty good chance that when you do, you're going to see some done downpours and moderate or heavy rain coming down. we do have, again, some sunshine peeking through and our temperatures coming up, accordingly. 81 right now in gaithersburg, maryland. you're 79 in rockville and 82 college park and 83 degrees
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right now in huntingtown, maryland. temperatures are coming up. wanted to show you the heat index. so much humidity outside right now. again, some of the lingering moisture of isaac that almost about a week ago made its way inland around louisiana. well, that high humidity factored with the air temperure making it feel like 82 to 86 degrees right now 87 there in annapolis. let me show you a wider view and some of the rains that moved through early part of the day today. now we're left with cloud cover that is starting to break up. in fact, heavier rain, too, around new york city. hard to really tell much of anything left with the spin of isaac, but it's throughout the area that tropical air that lingers. in fact, for today, too, we have a weather front. little weak shower there inhagerstown. same deal in harford and cecil county and moderate showers moving away from our area and wider view, not much right now. again, you get the heat with the
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weather front and same kind of story as yesterday. there's the front. it's a warm front. so temperatures coming into the mid-80s, maybe a few areas could even hit 87 degrees to the south of us. 3:00 today, some showers and storms in that tropical air and keep your eye on the other front because it will be coming into our area tomorrow giving us, i think, a better chance for showers and storms almost area wide by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. and with any of these, as moisture laden as the air is, we can get one to two inch rains in a very short period of time in about an hour's time. then this really another weather front that is going to be giving us some lingering rain showers, i think, into thursday evening. if it makes it over the mountain. so, yeah, i know, even now we have a chance in the forecast for thursday. for this afternoon, though, areas that are in the 70s, you'll get up to 80. areas that are already around 80, you'll hit a temperature high of 85 degrees. mostly cloudy sky.
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overall, that's how i think you're going to remember the day with occasional rain showers coming through. at times, again, heavy, even before the evening rush heading home today. there you go, 73 to 79 degrees for your evening. still pretty overcast, with showers and storms around the area and i'm keeping my eye on this storm. yes, it's the other one that is out of the atlantic. it's leslie as a tropical storm now will become a strong category 2 and get very close to bermuda on the beginning of the weekend. for us this weekend, what i think we're going to see are strong rip currents and some big surf right around the coast. bethany, ruhoebth. there is a look at your seven-day forecast with a chance in the forecast for this weekend. so, tuesday, wednesday, even thursday, now wet and some more wet weather coming your way for the weekend. >> have that rain gear handy all week. thanks, veronica. let's check on the mid-day traffic danella sealock.
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arundel mills boulevard. crash there blocking the left lane is out of the roadway, but still seeing northbound south capital street shut down between martin luther king jr. avenue to malcolm x. please, be aware of that. let's talk about road work. taking the inner loop of the beltway. cones are up blocking the right lane and so far volume is pretty light in the area and not bad. eun, back over to you. 82 degrees. still ahead, keeping your hair looking and feeling great, even through the cold months ahead. plus, remembering michael clarke duncan and some of his best movies. first, here's a look at what's hot on [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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nominated role in "the green mile" he had been in the hospital since suffering a heart attack in july. besides "the green mile" it included a string of other blockbusters including "ricky bobby." michael clarke duncan was 54 years old. prince harry stopped a 6-year-old boy from embarrassing him at his first public appearance since nude photos of the royal leaked. the prince attended a an awards ceremony in london honoring six children. alax logan told british tv station what he was going to say to the prince. >> who are you going to meet tonight? >> prince harry. >> what are you going to say to prince harry? >> glad you have your clothes on, harry. >> how cute is he. well, the prince was apparently watching and stopped logan
11:26 am
before the ceremony and you can see the little conversation there and told not to asked about it as he was jokingly wagging his finger at him. the prince sort of alluded to. >> quite frankly too remarkable for me to describe with mere words, but i'll give it a go. >> poking fun of himself a little there. two weeks ago a website published nude photos of prince harry and a woman during a trip to las vegas. he was playing in his pool. the results of a new study on organic foods and answers to questions, what are the health benefits. plus, too close for comfort. why this video got one guy in trouble with his wife. another cloudy start to the day. day. when we can expect to see the
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes...
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where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. right now on news 4 midday. 180,000 students in northern virginia are in class for the first time. school started today for several school systems including fairfax county. in aural aingten the school
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district has a new bussing policy. hundreds of students that used to take the bus will have to walk to school. the national democratic convention begins today. they'll vote on the party's platform. the speakers include martin o'malley. a new study is out this morning that will have you thinking twice before buying organic foods. researchers found no significant difference between conventional foods and organic foods as far as a nutrition and safety. diana reports. >> reporter: if it says organic, many shoppers believe it must be better for you. >> i do it for my health. and i do it for sustainability. >> reporter: but a new study from stanford university questions the health advantages of organic products over their less expensive counterparts. the team evaluated over 120,000 articles. >> there were no specific foods or fruits that had any significant difference between
11:31 am
organic and conventional. if people are looking for a really robust evidence base for differences, we simply did not find that. >> reporter: the stanford study did find that organic produce is 30% less likely to be contaminated with pesticide residues than conventional fruits and vegetables, but found both to be safe for consumption. some doctors say the study's scope was too limited. >> it matters which pesticides some are more toxic than others and how many total pesticides. that's not taken into account. >> reporter: the organic food business has grown tremendously over the last 15 years and is worth over $30 million. a top adviser to the organic consumer's association kricriti findings because the author's "very qualified conclusions do not match the data." organic food does lower exposure to pesticides and resistance to antibiotics. >> when it comes to organic, when it comes to food in
11:32 am
general, we're making an investment in our body. every bite we take is either an investment or a debt we're taking on that we're going to have to repay some day. i believe organic is an excellent investment in our health. >> reporter: many consumers say the extra cost is worth it. for reasons that go beyond health. >> they last longer in your fridge, they just taste differently. >> you know, it may not give the added health benefits, but you're helping the smaller markets. >> reporter: researchers acknowledge that no study looking at the health benefits of organic food has exceeded two years. too short a period to engage the impact they could make over a lifetime. >> that was diana alviar reporting. the same study found organic milk and chicken have higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids which promote better health. kids who use asthma inhalers may grow up to be shorter than their peers. children who take the steroid twice a day ended up being about an inch shorter than other
11:33 am
adults. researchers say doctors should monitor the growth of their young patients, but they also point out the drug's benefits outweigh the risk for children with as mu. a prince george's family is recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning. everyone woke up with headaches and nausea and the parent realized those are symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and called 911. the two adults and three children were taken to the baltimore hospital and they are all expected to be okay. the potential for heavy rain this morning has residents in d.c.'s bloomingdale neighborhood bracing for more flash flooding. this was the scene sunday night. the street literally became a river and crews had to use a small boat to rescue a man from his car. flooding has become so common in the neighborhood that some homeowners are spending thousands of dollars to try to keep the water out. >> when water starts to overflow, it comes into the sump pump here and gets pumped out. >> you put a back flow preventer
11:34 am
inside. >> d.c. water says the pipes in the area are too old and too small to handle the huge flow of water, but they are looking into short-term solutions. 11:33 now. let's check in, once again, with storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson for the latest on our forecast. she's outside on our storm 4 weather deck. >> i'm sampling the air and i feel like a little stick moving through some high humidity. big difference, though, from earlier today because earlier we had very high humidity, we barely had a wind and now getting a little bit of sunshine. got the southerly breezes coming through and behind me the little blades of grass even moving and you can see a little bit of blue there in the distance on our camera as we look out in the distance there through all the monuments and across the poto c potomac. rockville, maryland, coming in at 81 degrees and leesburg, virginia, 81 degrees right now
11:35 am
and aural aingt arlington, virginia, 78 degrees. the mercury is not going to rise very much and some clouds hanging around the area and more clouds than sunshine today, but, at times, certainly peeking through. you can see the light, scattered showers around the area and up to the north, more with that warm front and cold front back through ohio and just dropping out of cleveland right now. for our area today, we'll see things heat up a little bit and see more sunshine. as we go through the day, 3:00. some showers and storms throughout the area and your future weather and by 7:00, 9:00, still wet weather coming on through. we'll take a look at your wednesday afternoon and the rest of the week coming up in a couple of minutes. eun? >> we'll see you then. following new developments in southern california right now. firefighters are cabling for reinforcements calling for reinforcements as they battle this wildfire northeast of los angeles. about 300 firefighters are fighting the so-called williams fire on the ground while half a
11:36 am
dozen helicopters are dropping water from above. the fire burned more than 4,000 acres in san gabriel mountains. only 5% contained. the fire broke out sunday near a camp ground forcing thousands of people to evacuate during the busy labor day weekend. the power is slowly returning to the gulf coast a week after hurricane isaac hit. right now less than 44,000 people are without power in louisiana. restored power to all customers in mississippi and arkansas. the death toll has risen to eight. a 90-year-old man died in his home near new orleans. the damage from isaac could total more than $2 billion. president obama toured new orleans promising help for survivors. >> one thing you know about folks in louisiana, they are resilient. people in mississippi, they are resilient. they know what tough times are like, but they know that they can bounce back. >> meanwhile, officials are pumping out water from a swollen
11:37 am
lake at mercy quin state park. t a mysterious ship washed up along ft. morgan ship on the alabama coast from isaac. check these photos out. the vessel is 137 feet long and it is made from iron and massive slabs of wood. experts are trying to identify exactly where it came from. some think it's from the civil war era, others think it was a schooner that was used for smuggling liquor through prohibiti prohibition. right now the coast guard is searching for a missing boater in maryland. two sailors fell near bayside beach yesterday. the crew was able to rescue the women, but they lost sight of the man. the coast guard says he is 27 years old and a member of the boat crew. now, here's an a embarrassing situation that will have you talking this morning. take a look at this video, a woman dozes off on a london subway train and snuggles up with a stranger. she soon realizes what she did
11:38 am
and they both had a laugh about it. of course, her friend caught the whole thing on camera phone. that's what friends do and posted it on youtube. >> the man's wife wasn't laughing when she first saw it online. she thought he was cheating with a woman he works with and she laughed it off. that could have been an ugly sit washz. let's check on the midday traffic. danella a sealock joins us with the latest. >> you have to be careful. check on the roads. good news if you're traveling in southeast earlier. the crash northbound, south capital street blocked all of your lanes along martin luther king jr. avenue. let's head over to the beltway and live look right now as you're taking the beltway in montgomery county, no issues to report there. here's a live look at coalsville road and inner loop and outer loop absolutely clear. good new physical you're traveling on i-270 looks really clear. earlier we saw lots of delays on this road but right now no issues to report and then, also,
11:39 am
crossing over the 14th street bridge is a breeze. no issues as you make your way into the district. today, you'll see a new face on nbc 4 and it's the premiere of steve harvey's new show. now, a big part of what he is going to do is help people solve problems and he offered a solution to an ongoing debate here on news 4 today. >> you know, i save morning shows. >> i need you to help us. it's about to just be anarchy. eun yang she sprays her hair. we use hair spray at the desk and aaron gilchrist gets upset because he says, why does my coffee have to taste like hair spray every day. how does this continue? is there a way to co-exist? >> who is this guy? >> aaron. >> they're going to use hair spray. that's not going to stop. >> that's not going to stop. >> what is his name? >> aaron. >> aaron need to understand that. because your hair is more
11:40 am
important than his coffee. >> i agree. >> let me ask aaron something. why don't aaron move his coffee? >> that's what eun says. >> you are all spraying your hair at the coffee machine? >> no. >> he brings his coffee to the hair spray area. set it down and everybody stop spraying hair spray because he has his coffee there. let's just settle this right here. >> you might have saved us. >> i think he saved us. >> and the real thing is, this is a true problem every morning, right, eun? >> it is. poor aaron, he was a real good sport about it. he does have to put up with my hair spray. this is now the hair spray area. do not bring coffee in the air spray area. >> well, make sure you do not miss out. the premiere is today at 2:00 p.m. right here on nbc 4. >> very fun. danella, thanks so much. ellen degeneres will get her star on hollywood walk of fame
11:41 am
today. her talk show that airs daily here at nbc 4. she also recently hosted academy awards and nominated for a primetime emmy. the tenth season of "the ellen degeneres show" premieres next monday right here on nbc 4. it is now 11:41. still ahead on news 4 midday, don't toss out all those dark tops just yet, we'll run down the best ways to treat dandruff. plus, a nice surprise on the first day of
11:42 am
president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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welcome back at 11:44. children today are cashing in on those baby teeth like never before. the new survey shows that kids get an average of $3 per tooth under the pillows. some kids reported getting 20 bucks a pop for thoese baby teeth. some teachers say peer pressure is to blame when kids brag about how much the tooth fairy left. those rates go up at other houses, as well. not at my house. today visa is launching an iphone app to help parents calculate the going rate. wow, another thing to pay for. picking up a major is one of the toughest decisions a college student will make. might make that decision easier
11:45 am
to make. the ten best majors for landing a high-paying job. pharmacy and pharmacology majors have the best chance at landing a lucrative job. >> of the 100 top college majors, the most popular majors in the u.s., this is the only one with a six-figure salary. over the course of your career, you can expect to make $105,000 as a pharmacist. >> can you get one of these jobs with a bachelor's degree? but to be a researcher in a lab, you can theoretically get those kind of jobs after four years. >> kiplinger ranks nursing as the second best major and technology as the third best mage aer. stocks are starting to trade lower. let's check in now with julia borsteen and joins us with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. good morning to you, julia. >> good morning to you, eun. the dow, the nasdaq and s&p 500 are all trading down just less than 1%.
11:46 am
the s&p 500 slipping below that key 1,400 mark. the dow down by about 94 points. manufacturing construction spending both contracted unexpectedly. shrank at a its fastest rate in more than three years. the institute for supply management said its index of national index fell from july to august and fell short of economists' expectations. the commerce department reports that spending in july fell by the most in a year as both the private and public sectors cut back on investment. positive news about real estate. private real estate data core logic says home prices jumped 3.8% in the 12 months ending in july. the year-over-year increase was the biggest in six years, that's further evidence that the housing market is steadily recovering. and netflix shares plunged nearly 10% this morning on the news that amazon to off aer
11:47 am
movies from viacom and lion's gate and prime video subscription plan. this comes after the streaming and eun, back over to you. >> julia, thank you. very common skin condition that nearly all people experience at one point in their lives regardless of age or ethnicity. dr. cheryl burgess joins us with more on the causes and the treatments. good to see you. start by explaining, what is dandruff and how do we get dandruff? >> most people see a flakiness and the flakiness is also associated with dryness, but in this case a, it's really not associated with dryness. it's actually associated with oiliness. so, it occurs in the oily areas such as the scalp and the ears behind the ears and the eyebrows, men because they have facial hair and can occur in the
11:48 am
mustache and could occur in the ear. >> typically you see it after the hormones have turned on after puberty. that's when the oil glands turn on. you tend not to see it in children. you can see it in babies. cradle cap, i'm sure you heard of that, that's a form of dermatitis and we see that as a result of the hormonal effect from the mother. but once the child gets a little bit older, then you don't see that. but at puberty, that's when you start to see it. >> so is puberty a high-risk time to get dandruff? >> no, just when the hormones turn on and the hormones turn on the oil glands and those oily areas, just like they get acne, they can get dermatitis. so, for the most part, most people associate it with dryness, but it's really associated with oiliness. >> is there a cure for dandruff or just control it the best you can? >> there's no cure. just controlled because,
11:49 am
basically, what the mechanism of action is, little organisms that are on the skin that get down in the pore and cause the inflammation. the oil is secreted at probably more abundance amount than normally is and those layers that typically fall off on a daily basis, they stack up, fall off as a clump. so, we see more activity, if you will. but there are certain treatments that we can do to control it. we're not trying to cure a normal phenomenon that is going on because we need to fluff off our skin. >> how do we treat dandruff the best way? >> one of the major ways is dandruff shampoos. if you go to the drugstore, you'll see an abundance of dandruff shampoos. i brought this one because it's just a new one by head & shoulders for men. it doesn't have to be specifically for men, but men products are becoming very large in the pharmacies, the grooming and things. this is a very excellent
11:50 am
anti-dandruff preparation, but some people shouldn't shampoo as often. if you have oil y hair, then it is okay. >> it seems counterintuitive not to shampoo as often. >> i don't shampoo every day and i wouldn't shampoo every day but if i have dandruff, there are other products we can use that go on the scalp and stay on the scalp. >> what else do you have? >> these are prescription preparations. this a prescription shampoo and this is a medication prescription that you can only get through the dermatologist. this is a topical hydrocortisone cream that you can apply directly to the scaly areas. these two are sprays that are alcohol sprays. so, you can spray it on the scalp and it not have a greasy build up, per se. so you don't have to shampoo every day. there are a number of products
11:51 am
that can be used. you can use them combined. the shampoo and the topicals. it just depends on what you want to use. but some of them are strong, where you only use them on the scalp and some are on the face. >> it's safe to use for a sustained period of time? >> they are. like this one is safe for the face because it is a hydrocortisone cream. but you wouldn't use any of these on the face. it varies between the strengths and your dermatologist would know white house what's best for you. >> dr. cheryl burgess, thank you for that advice. it is now 11:51. coming up, another big achievement for the nationals this season. this season. veronica johnson back with
11:52 am
i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care.
11:53 am
vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
11:54 am
welcome back at 11:54. tiger woods may not have won this weekend, but the first $100 million man. the former number one golfer in the world eclipsed the mark with a third place finish at this weekend's deutsch bank champion slp. he won $550,000 pushing him career total of $100,350,000. that does not even include the many millions he has collected in endorsements. the nationals will have a winning season for the first time since moving to washington. the mets clinched the winning
11:55 am
record with the win over the cubs. still lead the braves by 6.5 games because atlanta also won yesterday. all right, well, that isn't stephen strasburg's replacement on the nats' rotation it is katie ledecky. the swimmer from bethesda threw out the first pitch before yesterday's nationals game. capped a pretty good summer for ledecky who won a gold medal in london last month. couldn't have happened to a nicer person. let's look at some of the stories we're working on. pat lawson muse is in the newsroom. >> a 92-year-old man takes matters into his own hands when intruders break into his house. plus, a celebrity breakup turns really nasty. seal has accused heidi klum of fornicating with the help and now he's back tracking and says that doesn't mean his estranged wife was cheating. a more natural solution for couples who are struggling to conceive.
11:56 am
it's an ivf alternative with no drugs and no injections. we'll have details on all the latest news starting at news 4 at 4:00. eun? >> we'll see you then. thanks, pat. final check of the forecast with veronica johnson. >> when i was outside a couple minutes ago i couldn't think of the word and didn't come to me fast enough, clammy. >> that's what it feels like outside. >> that's not good. >> no, it's not good, i know. little bit of a breeze. that's about the only thing that is helping and sunshine, too, breaking through our clouds. temperature wise, 83 right now. we've got 82 in college park and 85 in huntingtown and 75 in manassas. some areas there we're starting to see the temperatures coming up and baseball forecast, we're coming off those two wins and hopefully get another win today. the game is at 7:05. 81 degrees the temperature. yes, a chance of showers, again. and we could be seeing some heavy rain coming through. i don't know if it's enough to stop the, to postpone the game, but it could lead to a little
11:57 am
bit of a delay. radar quiet right now and we'll see it fill up with more scattered showers. like yesterday, a lot of that rain is going to slide to the north and west before coming in late this afternoon and this evening. so, 73 to 79 for your evening, we get the wet weather when it comes, it will come hard and maybe an inch or over an inch in some spots. it doesn't clear out around here until friday, eun. one dry day before rain, again, this weekend. >> oh, man. all right. we'll be ready with our umbrella, veronica. >> clammy. >> clammy, our word of the day. students in northern virginia got a big surprise. they teamed up to deliver 550 backpacks to students at cameron elementary school in alexandria. part of our backpacks for kids initiative. backpacks are full of school supplies. >> but it was fantastic. the outpour and love that we got from the community is special. we are happy about that. >> to see these kids get off to
11:58 am
a good start today. >> i can't wait to see the smiling face. they're there to help them out and get a good start this year. >> other nbc employees were on hand to give out those backpacks. if you want to help out students in need, just go to and search backpack for kids and thanks to all of you who have donated so far for a good cause. thanks, again. that is news 4 midday for today. tune in for news 4 today for all the days news and i'll be back tomorrow morning at 4:28. we'll see you tomorrow.
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